Saturday, February 13, 2010

feeling inspired.

The gears are churning in my head and blood is coursing through my veins. With the realization that I'll be able to get my hands on HD much quicker than originally thought, all types of ideas are swarming in my head about shorts that I will be compiling. I think tonight I'm going to start storyboarding ideas and look up locations that I would like to shoot at. I'm hoping that the T2i will be released before the first weekend of March so I can take it out with Ixquel, rent some lenses for the weekend, and just do a solo session of her.

However, with high definition video comes the need for more processing power, so I'm currently looking into a Mac Pro setup. The quad-core, octo-core setups are amazing to me. I think that once I acquire both, I'll be more determined to head out and start filming projects that I have had to put on hold.


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